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OPC Server Data Sheet

Platform: Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server Family
Interface Type: UDP/IP
Data Link Layer Option: IP (Internet Protocol)
Protocol: BACnet IP
Comments:  The BACnet Ethernet OPC server communicates to any standard BACnet device across an IP network. The server uses the services listed below to read data for BACnet objects (also listed below), and provides the data via OPC. This driver does not support internet communications.
References:  ASHRAE BACnet reference manual, ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2001
Contact: Dimension Software, Inc.
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(828) 635-7189, Fax: (828) 625-5319, E-Mail: , Web: http://dimension-software.com
BACnet Standard Application Services Supported:
Application Service Initiate Requests Execute Requests
Read-Property-Single X  
Read-Property-Multiple X  
Write-Property-Single X  
Write-Property-Multiple X  
Who-Is X  
I-Am   X
Unconfirmed-COV-Notification   X
Confirmed-COV-Notification   X
Unconfirmed-Event-Notification   X
Confirmed-Event-Notification   X
Standard Object Types Supported:
AI Analog Input Object
AO Analog Output Object
AV Analog Value Object
BI Binary Input Object
BO Binary Output Object
BV Binary Value Object
MSI Multistate Input Object
MSO Multistate Output Object
Device BIP uses the device object to Auto-Configure itself
Character Sets Supported:
Special Functionality Supported:
Segmented Requests, Window Size: 1
Segmented Responses, Window Size: 1
Auto-Configure Auto-Configure allows the user to automatically identify devices on the BACnet network and select the device objects required for their application.  BIP uses the WhoIs object type to search the network to identify devices.  It then uses the Device object to list all objects provided by each device.  The user can select objects from the list that are required for his/her application.
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