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Kaye Instruments NETpac  (NET)
OPC Server Data Sheet

Devices Supported: Kaye Instruments NETPac
I/O Cards Supported: Analog Controller:
- Volts, DC/TC
- High Voltage
- RTD 3-Wire
- RTD 4-Wire
- Contact Output
Digital Controller:
- Frequency/Period/Status
- Analog Output
OPC Compliance: OPC Data Access 1.0a and 2.05
Platform: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 2008
Interface Type: Serial
Protocol: Proprietary NETPac protocol
General Features
1 A user interface called the PowerTool for configuring channels, devices, and datablocks.  Statistical communications data is provided for throughput analysis at each level.
2 The PowerTool has a built-in datascope for checking communications messages.  The PowerTool also has context sensitive help.
3 Direct, Radio, and Telephone communication modes.
4 Automatic reads after a write to confirm a write.
5 Automation Interface - You don't have to use the Power Tool to configure the driver.  You can make your own COM or OLE application (using Microsoft's Visual Basic) to configure the driver and access data. 
6 Secondary Poll Rate - The OPC Server polls a datablock at the secondary poll rate once the Access Time expires.  Data is polled at the secondary poll rate until there is another client request for data.  If  the secondary poll rate is set for a longer period of time than the Primary Rate, CPU resources are reduced while ensuring that the datablock will always be polled.
7 Phased Poll Rates
8 Enable/Disable individual communication channels, devices, and datablocks from the automation interface or your HMI.
Function Codes Supported
Function Code: Command Name:
C Contact Input
D Read Analog Data
E Engineering Unit
F Temperature Unit
G Go
H Data Format
R Resolution
T Talk
V Analog Output
X Contact Actuate
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