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National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol (NTCIP / NTC)
(Patent Pending)
OPC Server Data Sheet

Devices Supported:

NTCIP-compliant hardware that support the protocols listed below.

Protocols Supported:

Application Level Protocols

- Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Transport Level Protocols

- Transmission Control Protocol over Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

- User Datagram Packet over Internet Protocol (UDP/IP)

- Transportation Transport Protocol (T2/null)

Subnet Level Protocols

- Point-to-Multi-Point Protocol (PMPP)

- Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) with Link Control Protocol (LCP), Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP), and Internet Protocol Control Protocol (IPCP)

OPC Compliance:

OPC 2.04 and OPC 1.0a Data Access


Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows Server

Interface Type:

Serial (RS-232) or Ethernet

Operation History:

Operation in Canada since 2005, and Virginia since 2006


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General Features



Comes with a MIB compiler to compile NTCIP MIB text files. Simply load MIB file and compile it to make it availble to the OPC server. The OPC server uses the information in the compiled MIB to know what data is available for your NTCIP-compliant device.


The PowerTool (the OPC server's configuration/monitoring utility) has a built-in datascope for checking communications messages.  The PowerTool also has context sensitive help.


Serial communications supports Direct, Radio, and Telephone modes.


Automation Interface - You don't have to use the Power Tool to configure the driver.  You can create your own COM or OLE application (using Microsoft's Visual Basic) to configure the driver and access data.


Secondary Poll Rate - The OPC Server polls a datablock at the secondary poll rate once the Access Time expires.  Data is polled at the secondary poll rate until there is another client request for data.  This allows the server to reduce CPU load by polling unused points less frequently, or not at all.


Phased Poll Rates


Enable/Disable individual communication channels, devices, and datablocks from the automation interface or your HMI.


Optional Software


 Two optional pieces of software can be purchased to enhance the NTCIP OPC Server.

NTC Message Editor$1000A utility for use with Dynamic Message Signs (DMS).
- Allows you to create, edit, download, and upload messages to a NTCIP compliant DMS through the NTC OPC Server.
- Automatically generates MD-5 checksums that are needed select new messages in a DMS.
- Supports multi-phase messages and beacons.
- Supports Flashing, Line Justification, Moving Text, Background and Foreground text colors, and other standard MULTI parameters.
NTC Device Monitor$500An OPC client program that allows you monitor every device in your NTC OPC server configuration, putting critical parameters on screen for instant viewing.
- Allows you to specify which parameters are to be displayed, and how often to update them.
- Allows you write to parameters for quick device control.
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