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Omron SysMac Net (OVH)
Driver Data Sheet

Devices Supported: CV-Mode (FINS) C-Mode
CV1000 C500
CV2000 C1000H
CVM1-CPU01 C200H
CVM1-CPU11 CV1000
CV500 CV2000
Supports CV-Mode and C-Mode PLC's on the same SysMac Net network.
Device Manufacturer: Omron
Platform: Windows NT
Interface Type: Token Ring
Protocol: SysMac Net
Baud Rate: 2Mbps
Contact: Dimension Software, Inc.
1536 St. Clair Road, Taylorsville, NC 28681, USA
(828) 635-7189, Fax: (828) 625-5319, E-Mail: , Web: http://dimension-software.com
OMRON  126 Nodes Max Optical Fiber Cable, two core (plastic clad, quartz core)
Required Interface Modules
S3200-NSB11-E ISA Bus Resident Adapter
S3200-NSB24-E Micro-Channel Bus Resident Adapter
Commands Supported
(Refer to DEVICES SUPPORTED for the PLC's supported for each mode.)
CV-Mode (FINS Commands)
CIO Core I/O
A Auxilliary Memory Area
DM Data Memory Area
CPV Counter Preset Value (PV)
CFG Counter Completion Flag
TPV Timer PV
HTPV Hi-Speed Timer PV
TFG Timer Completion Flag
PCS Parameter Area: PC Setup
PDS Parameter Area: Devices
IOT Parameter Area: I/O Table
RT Parameter Area: Routing Table
CBS Parameter Area: CPU Bus Set
CR0 Controller Data Rd: Format 0
CR1 Controller Data Rd: Format 1
CS Controller Status Read
CT PLC Cycle Time
CLK Current PLC Time/Date
MSG Read MSG (195) Messages
FAL Read FALS Messages
RUN Change PC Modes
IR I/O Memory Area
LR Link Relay Area
HR Holding Relay Area
PV Present Value
TC Timer/Counter Area Flag
DM Data Memory Area
AR Auxiliary Relay Area
ST Status Read
ERR Error Read
Signal Conditioning
NONE Returns Raw Value
LIN Value Scaled to EGUs
3BCD 3 Digit Binary Code Decimal
4BCD 4 Digit Binary Code Decimal
12BN 12 Bit Binary Scaled to EGUs - No Alarming on out of range
12AL 12 Bit Binary Scaled to EGUs - Alarming on out of range
15BN 15 Bit Binary Scaled to EGUs - No Alarming on out of range
15AL 15 Bit Binary Scaled to EGUs - Alarming on out of range
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