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WEST Instruments (W61)
Driver Data Sheet

Devices Supported: WEST Instruments Controllers
Model 6100 1/16-DIN, Tested
Model 3810, Not Tested
Device Manufacturer: West Instrument, 1900 South Country Trail, Rhode Island, 02818-0962, USA. Voice: (401) 884-6800, Fax: (401) 884-9242.
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Interface Type: Serial: RS-485
Max Devices Supported: 32
Protocol: WEST Instruments (ASCII)
Baud Rate: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600
Data Bits 8
Stop Bits 1
Parity NONE
Contact: Dimension Software, Inc.
1536 St. Clair Road, Taylorsville, NC 28681, USA
(828) 635-7189, Fax: (828) 625-5319, E-Mail: , Web: http://dimension-software.com
Interface Modules
Standard computer COM ports 1 or 2 or Digi International's Digiboard. Tested with Telebyte 285.
Commands Supported
W61 supports the following commands. All commands except Z have interval polling and poll-on-demand capability.
Code Command R/W Value Type...
Input Commands
M Process Variable R Analog
v Process Variable Offset R/W Analog
G Scale Range Maximum R/W Analog
H Scale Range Minimum R/W Analog
Q Scale Range Decimal Point Position R/W Analog
m Input Filter Time Constant R/W Analog
Output Parameters
W Power Output Value R/W Analog
B Output 1 Power Limit R/W Analog
N Output 1 Cycle Time R/W Analog
O Output 2 Cycle Time R/W Analog
[ Recorder Output Scale Max Value R/W Analog
\ Recorder Output Scale Min Value R/W Analog
Setpoint Parameters
S Setpoint Value R/W Analog
^ Setpoint Ramp Rate R/W Analog
A Setpoint High Limit R/W Analog
T Setpoint Low Limit R/W Analog
Alarm Parameters
C Alarm 1 Value R/W Analog
E Alarm 2 Value R/W Analog
Tuning Parameters
D Rate (Derivative Time Constant) R/W Analog
I Reset (Integral Time Constant) R/W Analog
J Manual Reset (Bias) R/W Analog
F On/Off Differential R/W Analog
K Overlap/Deadband R/W Analog
P Proportional Band 1 Value R/W Analog
U Proportional Band 2 Value R/W Analog
Status Parameters
L Controller Status R Digital
V Arithmetic Deviation Value R/W Analog
] Scan Table R Analog and Digital
Controller Commands
Z Controller Command Values:

1 = Manual Mode

2 = Auto Mode

3 = Activate Self-Tune

4 = De-Activate Self-Tune

5 = Request Pre-Tune

6 = Abort Pre-Tune

13 = Activate Loop Alarm

14 = De-Activate Loop Alarm

W Analog
Signal Conditioning
NONE - Returns Raw Value
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