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YORK Talk XL and Linc Chiller (YTK)
Driver Data Sheet

Devices Supported: ISN York Talk XL controller and Linc Chiller YT controller
Device Manufacturer: YORK - York, Pennsylvania
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Interface Type: Serial: RS232 connection to York Talk XL, RS485 connection to Linc Chiller YT's
Max Devices Supported: ISN Networks: 92 Linc Chiller YT Controllers: 96
The ISN York Talk XL (York Talk XL) is connected to the Millennium ISN LINC YT Centrifugal Chiller (LINC Chiller YT). The York Talk XL EPROMS must allow password "1" for proper operation with the YTK driver.
Protocol: York Talk Protocol
Baud Rate: 110, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400
Data Bits: N/A
Stop Bits: N/A
Contact: Dimension Software, Inc.
1536 St. Clair Road, Taylorsville, NC 28681, USA
(828) 635-7189, Fax: (828) 625-5319, E-Mail: , Web: http://dimension-software.com
Interface Modules
Interface: RS-232 connection to York Talk XL
Comment: The FIX SCADA node is connected to Port 2 (an RS232 connection) of the York Talk XL unit. The Linc Chiller YT units were connected to the York Talk XL via the York ISN network using LAN Port 1, terminals P2-2 and P2-3. This connection is RS-485. RS-232 to RS-485 converters are not required for the RS-485 connection.
Commands Supported
Device: Cmd: Description: Uses:
York Talk XL logon Gain access to the York Talk XL controller.  
  open Open nested communications to a Linc Chiller YT, where #,# is the network number and node number, respectively. open #,#
LINC Chiller YT list List page configuration for desired area, where ## is the feature number to be used. Read all chiller data provided by the list f02 command. You can also modify start/stop status, leaving water setpoint, and current setpoint with the f01 command. list f##
  e##e Command issued to change a value, where ## is the new value  
  close Closes nested communications with a Linc Chiller YT.  
Signal Conditioning
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