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The Profile disk contains a FIX32 main directory and three sub-directories; DOC, PDB, and PIC. The directories contain the following files:

DOC A copy of the profile document in Microsoft HTML format.
PDB The device communication profile file. It has a PRO extension. Copy this file to your FIX PDB sub-directory. The remaining files (if any) on the disk are support files. If available, use them as a guide in developing your application. Some profile diskettes do not contain all of the files noted below.

Configuration files - They have CSV and UOS extensions. The CSV file is the ASCII backup file and the NodeName.UOS file is the binary runtime file.

The FIX database files used during testing of the profile. They have GDB and PDB extensions. The GDB is the ASCII export of the database. The PDB file is the runtime version.

PIC Any screens used during testing of the profile. Your profile diskette may not contain *.PIC files.

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