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Universal OPC Server (UOS)
for TCP/IP and Serial Devices

UOS is a stand-alone Universal OPC Server for field devices that use TCP/IP or Serial communications. UOS provides a real-time interface between field devices and OPC Clients such as Intellution’s Dynamics, Object Automations’ OA Enterprise, Wonderwares’ FactorySuite 2000, and many others. UOS can also be used with Intellutions’ FIX32 Version 6.15 and 7.x.

UOS has many advanced features that will simplify your data interface requirements. For example, a single server (UOS) can be used to interface with many different field devices simultaneously. Field devices can have different protocols (Modbus, ANSI x3.28, etc) and different physical connections (Ethernet TCP/IP or serial RS232/485/422). This allows you to concentrate on your data acquisition needs instead of having to learn and support a different server for each protocol and connection type.

Another important feature is DataView. DataView is a build-in OPC client that allows you to browse UOS and create windows to display and write process data. This means that you can install UOS and verify all interface connections and data before installing other software packages. You can also use DataView as a mini HMI to monitor process data.

UOS is the only OPC server in the industry that has the capability to "learn" how to communicate with a device. It does this by reading a device profile that describes the communications characteristics (protocol) of the device. This capability provides a method for you to build your own OPC Server by using the UOS Profiler (sold separately). No programming skills are required. To build a profile, select "communication objects" that comprise the protocol and assign attributes. Profile examples are supplied to assist you. The combination of UOS and the UOS Profiler provides an easy way to develop an OPC Server without sacrificing data integrity or throughput. Profiles built by DSI for UOS are shown in the UOS Profile List.

UOS has several pricing options. Please refer to the UOS Price Sheet. For additional information refer to: UOS Key Features and UOS FAQ.
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