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Profiles Available for UOS

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All profiles are for the NT Platform

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Driver Name ID Profile Name
Advantage Electronics Sentra "SK" Mold Temperature Controller USK SEN_MOLD.PRO
Advantech ADAM-4000 Series modules UAD 1ADAM.PRO
Barber-Coleman 560 Microprocessor Controllers U56 BC560_UOS.PRO
Barber-Coleman 7EF/7HF Temperature Controller U7F U7F.PRO
Daniel Flow Products, Inc. SolarFlow Plus 2480 Meter USF SolarFlowPlus.PRO
Data Flow Systems RTU UDF  
Dynalco Controls TM5000 Scanner UTM TM5000.PRO
Eurotherm EM-1 Process Controller UEM EM1_UOS.PRO
Fisher-Rosemount Inc. Model 1151 Smart Pressure Transmitter U51 HART1151.PRO
Fuji Chip Placer CP-6, Multi-Function Mounter IP-III  UFJ FUJI.PRO
GSC Model 2700 RTU UGS GSC2700.PRO
Honeywell BDI Protocol UHB QS7850GPI.PRO
Honeywell UDC3000/5000 Controller UH3 UDC3000.PRO
Industrial Control Links, Inc. ICL-4130 Smart RTU U41 2ICL4130.PRO
Maguire Products, Inc. Maguire Weigh Scale Blender (WSB) UWS WSB12_68.PRO, WSB4_68.PRO
Marathon Monitors Carbpro Version 3.0 UNI UNICARB_UOS.PRO
Measurement Systems International, Inc. MSI-6260 Trans-Weight UMI MSI6260.PRO
MICRISTAR 828D and 828E heat processing controller UMS MicriStar.PRO
MLC 9000 PID Control System UML MLC9000.PRO
Nobel Systems E1TAD UET E1TAD.PRO
Omni Link LL500 USY SYMBOL_0.PRO
Partlow MIC 6000 Profiling Controller UM6 MIC6000.PRO
Praxair ULTRAPURGE 100 (UP100) Gas Cabinet Controller UP1 UP100.PRO
Praxair ULTRAPURGE VMB Gas Cabinet Controller UPA UPA.PRO
Premier Pneumatics, Inc. ProController UPC PROCON.PRO
Red Lion Model PAXD-1/8 DIN Universal DC Input Panel Meter UPD PAXD.PRO
Sartorious LP 6200 S Balance ULP Sartorious_LP6200S.PRO
Sentinel 500 Gas Orifice Flow Computer (UFC) UFC UFC.PRO
Siemens Intelligent SwitchGear System (ISGS) USG ISGS.PRO
SMAR Model LD-301 Intelligent Pressure Transmitter U01 LD301.PRO
Symbol LS 4071 Scanner ULS Symbol_LS4071.PRO
Target Systems, Inc. TS5000 Industrial Control Terminal UT5 TS5000.PRO
Trane Tracer 100 UTT TraneTracer100.PRO
US Digital Corporations' Quadrature Encoder to SEI Adapter UA5 AD5.PRO
Watlow 945 Auto Tuning Control (ANSI X3.28 protocol) UW5 WAT945.PRO
Watlow 982 Ramping Controller (ANSI X3.28 protocol) UWA WAT982.PRO
Watlow 982 Ramping Controller (Modbus RTU protocol) UWM WAT982.PRO
Watlow 988 Temperature/Process Controller (ANSI X3.28 protocol) UW8 WAT988.PRO
Yokogawa UP550 Program Controller U55 YK_UP550.PRO
Yokogawa UT15L Limit Controller U15 YK_UT15L.PRO

Technical Notes: 1) Supports the following modules: 4011,4011D,4012,4017,4018,4021,4050,4052,4053,4060. Others can be added.
2) RTU has alarming, data logging, dial modem, radio, etc.
3) The SECS-II profile was used for testing only with GW Associates, Inc. SIMSECPro simulation software.
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